Thursday, July 22, 2010

I Can't Wait!

I found this random website. I can't even find it now. But I did save some of the pictures a few days ago. Pictures of little girls dressed up really cute! And I can't wait for Liliana to play dress up too!

This butterfly/princess is so cute! Very girly.

Oh, there are no words for this little outfit! I just adore it. All the bright colors! I want to ask Cole or Lola to make Liliana a cute little dress like this. :)

I just love this little ladybug. How cute is it? I just can't wait to play dress up with Liliana!

We play so much already. But I honestly can't wait until Liliana and I can talk and play. When we can really spend that time having fun. Laughing and giggling over silly things. I can't wait. But until my little girl gets bigger, I'm going to cherish and enjoy our time together. This time. When she is a baby. And laughs and coos. It's a very special time in our lives. ~G